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Players and publishers are tired of paying 30% of their money to Apple and Google.

There is a large appetite for alternate payments for players, to get better deals, as users pay around 20% less on each IAP compared to the App Store & Google Play. This is a win win for player and publisher. It is not the future - it is the NOW!

Using alternate app stores, the user has the ability to use alt payment platforms which charge marginal fees in comparison to Google. We are the first to focus on these alt stores, providing users with the best offers.

The alternate app store solution that works for you.

Are you stuck acquiring new users? Try an alternate app store that makes sense for you. We can help set everything up for you, so we can keep scaling your mobile game or app! Strike while the iron is hot by benefiting from our solution.

Here are several strategies and platforms to consider:

  • Amazon Appstore: Reaches millions of users, especially those using Amazon devices

  • Samsung Galaxy Store: Targets Samsung device users

  • Huawei AppGallery: Crucial for reaching users in markets where Huawei is popoular

  • Aptoide: A community-driven app store with a global audience

  • GetJar: One of the oldest independent app stores.


User Acquisition

Effective UA Marketability tests in specific markets and audiences to check for initial metrics and business potential. We collaborate closely with the Product team, Management and other stakeholders providing key learnings and results.

Manage Performance Marketing campaigns tracking all of the marketing channels: Meta, TikTok, Google, Ad Networks like Unity, Moloco, Mintegral, Applovin, etc. making sure they are the most effective for the alternate app stores.

Aside from publishing apps in the alternate app stores, we can also help with OEM deals, for the games to come pre-installed in these Android devices.

AI Solutions

We help you with the latest AI trends and developments for creative production and testing: End-to-end AI creative creation process.

  • Copywriting tasks and content creation to test. 

  • Static images (Interstitials), Video ads and all other relevant sizes for Google Ads and ad networks. Come up with different themes and different video durations to test.


​​We will optimize towards each app store via AB testing where we can and where is relevant.

Discoverability (Search Optimization): Manage market research and trends to learn about the top performing keywords and content to optimize towards. Use AI for copywriting tasks.

Conversion Optimization: Do experiments and a/b tests of all graphic assets. 

MMP Tracking

​​We work with Singular, Adjust and Appsflyer, to help you produce custom tracking services for these stores.

We will help setup payment tracking on these stores, so that you can track the lifecycle of your users on these alternate stores.

  • Analytics and comprehensive reporting. 

  • Optimization: Utilize data insights to optimize marketing strategies and allocate marketing budget in the most cost-effective way. 

  • Optimize towards company OKRs and team KPIs: ‘Customer’ CAC, CPI, CPA, Retention, Ad Monetization, LTV, ROAS. 


We work with top qualified designers and agencies that we trust to produce specific optimized creative, that we will use for the alt stores, that will outperform your existing creative.


  • Conduct Experiments: a/b tests of the ad units to gain key learnings and keep improving on creative performance (CTR, eCPM, IPM, Conversion, ROAS). 

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